A small fire broke out when I went to Sydney a few years ago. Many onlookers took pictures. I took a video imprudently.  Fortunately anybody had received no hurt at all in the fire.

I’m planning to travel around the world after retirement. I’m sure to realize my dream.

After the festival 

I thought my life was monotonous and dull. So I wished exciting life like festival. Exciting life looks happy and wonderful. However the festival end someday. After the festival I know I felt happiness in monotonous life. 

Now I have nothing. Because I threw away my happy past. 

Tokorozawa Festival

​​We like a festival. Today Tokorozawa festival has took part here. Lots of Japanese and tourists visit here every year.

Would you like to join us?

I recommend you move in Hakata

When I went to Hakata. they told Hakata was a good place to live because the rent and prices were inexpensive. However it was difficult to make reservation for a room at hotel in the weekend for lack of hotel. I didn’t know hotels were still run short in a local town. 

When you visit in Hakata, you have to make a reservation for a room in advance.



They say Hakata is low in price and a good city to live.

I didn’t have enough time for sightseeing in Hakata. I’d like to go there again. If I can, I’d like to have an apartment house in Hakata and develop there for a hotel.

After my retirement 

I’m thinking my life after my retirement. I’m not sure if I should live in expensive Tokyo. 

I have to save money. I have to think Ill move in a country with moderate price. 

Where do l live in future?