Miracle Morning #32

Today I got up at six. Keeping regular hours is good for my health.

I stop worrying future. I think how I realize my dreams. Now I image my mother smiles in future. She is a forthcoming person and she doesn’t like alone. But I and my sister can’t take care of her all day. I think she should live in a nursing house.

I wish we can find a good nursing house for her.

Miracle Morning #31

Today I got up at six thirty. I can’t get up early recently.

I have thirty minutes miracle morning this morning.

I’m not sure if miracle morning is effective for me. But I feel my problems will solve soon.

Miracle Morning #30

Today I got up at six and had six minutes miracle morning. I’m still sleepy.

Yesterday I met my mother. She told the staff in the hospital had bitter tongues. She repeated them she lived in a country estate. And she told with a smile she didn’t have enough money to pay for medical bill.

Miracle Morning #29

I got up at six thirty today. I didn’t get up early.

Today’s miracle morning is six minutes. I don’t have enough time to scribing…

Miracle Morning #28

Today I got up at six. I’m still sleepy.

Every morning I read my affirmation and see my visualization. But I can’t think my dreams come true yet.

My present goal is finding a nursing home for my mother.

Miracle Morning #27

Today I got up at six. It is easy for me to get up at six and have a time for miracle morning. But I don’t feel a merit for miracle morning yet.

I was absent from work last Saturday but I’m going to work today. My temperature has dropped now. I’m still anxious of my mother but I’ll stop to worry her any more. She was helped by the emergency services with living.

I’ll enjoy myself.

Would you like to live a long life?

I was thinking about a long life while I saw my mother.

When she went into the hospital, she was anxious of cost. How she told she was tired of hospital and she’d like to go back to her hometown. She doesn’t remember her home. As she always worried about money, she probably feel happier.

She likes expensive clothes. She has bought lots of clothes by credit cards and worried how she could pay debt.

Now she can’t do anything by herself and I and my sister worry how we pay for her nursing care cost.

Miracle Morning #26

Today I got up about seven. My body temperature was 37 degrees.

I’m anxious of my mother. I’m looking for a nursing house but first of all, I have to apply her nursing care insurance. Last night I quarreled with my sister about our mother.

She said, “I don’t have enough money!!!”

Do we have to quarrel each other till our mother will pass away?

Miracle Morning #24

Today I got up at six.

After I recognized my mother had dementia, I feel my life has changed. Probably I have to have family-care leave and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to see my mother without hurting dignity of her.