Miracle Morning #181

It is raining now. The typhoon is on its way.

I’ve entered into the examination in real estate notary yesterday. I’ve never worked for it before nor I don’t have any knowledge. Suddenly a real estate notary came to me and I went to a post office to pay for the examination fee. Fifteen percent of the examinees pass the examination every year.it might be reckless challenge. I’ll do my best.

Miracle Morning #180

Today I got up at six. The temperature is twenty four degrees. It is a fine day.

I’d like to start a legal vacation rental. I’d like to help foreign tourists. I have to look for an old Japanese house at first.

Miracle Morning #179

Today I got up at six.

The typhoon is on its way. It will blow up a storm this weekend.

I’m going to start a small business in October this year. I’m going to own a Japanese style house here and start a vacation rental. I haven’t found the house yet.

Miracle Morning #178

Today I got up at seven. As I had plenty of grilled meat last night, I’m still full. I gained my weight.

It continues over thirty five degrees every day. Japan has extraordinary weather this summer. Many people go to hospital and some of them die of heat injury.