How to enjoy the holiday alone?

When I don’t have any plan on Sunday, I usually watch TV in the morning and go to a library, a cafe or a park. I’d like to spend the holiday effectively but I don’t have any good idea. I prefer tight schedule. I don’t like blank schedule. I don’t like to waste time and money.

Last night I had a bad dream. In the dream, when I was going to sit next to a colleague, he tuted at me. I moved to other seat but nobody talked to me. I woke up from the dream, I remembered that he had not like me. As I’m afraid of isolation, I try to pack my schedule tightly. When I was a child, I felt happy in the holiday even if I didn’t have any plans. I was looking forward to have my free time. Now I don’t know what to do with my free time. How do others enjoy the holiday alone?

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