Miracle Morning #76

Today I got up at six.

I know now is is the time to take action to realize my dreams. But I haven’t done anything. I’m all talk and no action.

“I don’t have enough time!” “I don’t have enough money!” ” it is too old to take action!”

I always excuse myself during miracle morning. A signal for starting a business is my mother’s happiness. She wishes to dye her white hair. She wishes her makeup. She could do by herself until recently. Now she can’t do anything. She even hasn’t been allowed to stay in a private room. We’d like her to move to a home for the aged from a geriatric health services facility because she can stay in a private room. However the facility doesn’t allow she moves soon. She appeals to leave there as soon as possible. But the facility doesn’t listen to her.

She is my future. The government expects the aged’s family take care of them. But the family have to quit their job. I don’t think unemployed family can support the aged.

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