Merry Christmas!

Today is the Christmas Eve and many people went shopping to buy Christmas cakes and presents for family.

I went to Yokohama yesterday.

Tokorozawa Festival

I’m going to take an exam for real estate transaction specialist this weekend.

Only fifteen percent of the examinees have passed the exam. The last weekend I looked the Tokorozawa festival out of the window in the library.

Miracle Morning #181

It is raining now. The typhoon is on its way.

I’ve entered into the examination in real estate notary yesterday. I’ve never worked for it before nor I don’t have any knowledge. Suddenly a real estate notary came to me and I went to a post office to pay for the examination fee. Fifteen percent of the examinees pass the examination every might be reckless challenge. I’ll do my best.

Miracle Morning #180

Today I got up at six. The temperature is twenty four degrees. It is a fine day.

I’d like to start a legal vacation rental. I’d like to help foreign tourists. I have to look for an old Japanese house at first.