Great Japanese Restaurant

Yesterday I went a Japanese restaurant “AZUMAYA” in Ginza, Tokyo.

The restaurant was expendable but delicious and I enjoyed very much.

Grilled offal

Yesterday I went to a famous restaurant, named “yacchan”. The chef was quite a unique person. He didn’t like the restaurant was triving. He told if we took our friend into the restaurant and the friend took his five friends into it, we wouldn’t be able to book a table for us next time. 

We can’t take photos in the restaurant. If we take it,  we are forbidden to visit the restaurant again. 

All cooking were delicious and inexpensive. We book a table for four in November to see the chef again.

Waste? Investment ?

I always feel I need more money. I know I have to cut down my payment but I can’t. I can’t understand if my payment is waste or investment. I often eat out to reduce stress. I am very partial to sweets. I like to have a piece of cake, parfait and Japanese cake. My eating habit gets fat on my body. Such eating habit influent had a bad influence on me.

People say I should reduce waste and increase investment. But I don’t know what self-investment is.    

I have started on a diet. I’m not sure if I can stand hungry.

Nothing to special

Today is the last holiday but I don’t have any plans.

Now I’m drinking beer in the daytime. Here is located in a department store and we can drink original beer in daytime. I recommend here if you don’t like bitter beer.

Delicious Broiled Meat, Nikuyama

I had broiled meat in Nikuyama, Tokyo today.

Most of participants have never met before but we socialized each other soon. The delicious foods made us happy.

Would you like to join us?