I like sweets in Asakusa, Japan

I’d sometimes took part in the Asakusa sweets tour. Most of all members in the tour were male and they had a weakness for sweets. I always looked forward to the tour every month. However, the tour has been finished unexpectedly. I can go to Asakusa alone but I can’t enjoy myself as much asContinue reading “I like sweets in Asakusa, Japan”

If I can use SNS perfectly…

LINE@?  Facebook live? I don’t know how to use them yet. A famous consultant tells they are effective in business.  Naomi Watanabe, who is a Japanese comedian, has huge member of followers in the world using Instagram now. SNS doesn’t need the age limit. I’ll work hard to use SNS more. View this post onContinue reading “If I can use SNS perfectly…”