A street performer in Yokohama 

Yesterday we saw a street performer. He was an Englishman and good at speaking Japanese. He was a smooth-talker and lots of people watched his performance to the last. He told he preferred paper money to small coin if we liked his performance.  Many people gave him paper money. I recommend you see his performanceContinue reading “A street performer in Yokohama “

We acknowledge a prosperous business

The self-employed is difficult to do well for years. A friend of mine deals in Chinese medicine and he often visits a Chinese shrine. Yesterday we visit Kantei byo Shrine and he acknowledged his prosperous business.  I also prayed for my business there. I expect I’ll visit there to acknowledge my business the next year.

Was suicide a good way for revenge on his wife?

A Japanese personality is driven into a corner now. Her husband had committed suicide before. His brother charged the personality had an affair with the other actor and it drove him to suicide. The husband couldn’t have children and the wife wanted to become pregnant with the other man. The husband left his suicide noteContinue reading “Was suicide a good way for revenge on his wife?”

The Japanese Government promote Vacation Rental, but…

Vacation Rental is said ‘minpaku’ in Japanese. We usually stay in hotels when we travel. Then we don’t like tourists stay the next house. Even if it is a legal house, the neighbors oppose it. An owner hold a meeting to explain building a vacation rental to neighbors. One of them asked what the ownerContinue reading “The Japanese Government promote Vacation Rental, but…”

Why do nobody permit me to avenge on my family?

A young mother and her baby were killed in 1999. The mother was raped after her death. The baby was thrown to a closet. As the criminal was eighteen years old, the juvenile Act didn’t admit his name and were published.  He was convinced for life imperinment, but her husband appealed against the sentence. TheContinue reading “Why do nobody permit me to avenge on my family?”