Miracle Morning #113

Today I got up at six. I couldn’t sleep well because of hot and humid last night.

I’m going to a party for landlords tonight. I have two of studio apartments in Tokyo but I don’t turn a profit on the apartments at all. Further more, I’m going to withdraw from vacation rental. My household experiences getsinto the red now. Am I suited to business? I’m too old to start business. But I’d like to try.

Miracle Morning #112

Today I got up at a half past six. It is hot and humid this morning.

I’d like to move to Tokyo. I’d like to have a home office in Minato Ward, Tokyo. But I don’t know what to do.

Miracle Morning #111

Today I got up at six. Yesterday I had a physical checkup. I took barium for stomach X-ray. After the checkup, I had stomachache and diarrhea and stayed at home all day.

This morning my stomachache has passed away. I’d like to have delicious lunch today.

Miracle Morning #110

Today I got up at six. This morning I’m going to have a medical checkup.

I don’t like to have my stomach X-rayed. I have to take barium before X-rayed. I don’t like to have my uterus checkup neither. I’m going to have delicious lunch after the checkup.

Miracle Morning #109

Today I got up at six.

I read a book about inheritance tax now. I knew inheritance tax has been raised in Japan recently but I felt it had nothing to do with me.

After my mother had dementia, I realized we hadn’t known about her financials at all. We checked her cards and she didn’t have any debt but I’m still anxious if she was in debt. She had personal bankruptcy and didn’t pay the debt before, then she thinks she doesn’t have to pay the debt. She knows nothing about the world because her parents were overprotective.

Miracle Morning #108

Today I got up at six. It is cloudy this morning.

Yesterday I attended a seminar about adult ADHD and ASD. ADHD iS not common for Japanese. We imagine people having ADHD don’t orient themselves to the community and often trouble others. I’m not sure if ADHD is character or disease. In Japan we conceive a prejudice against mental disease.

Miracle Morning #107

Today I got up at a half past six. It is cloudy and going to rain afternoon.

I’ve lived in Tokorozawa, Saitama for eighteen years. I like the town but I’d like to move to Minato or Chuo Ward in Tokyo in future.

My mother lived alone in Tokyo for fifteen years. After she had dementia, she moved to a town in Saitama. It is not her hope. She still tell us she’d like to go back to her apartment in Tokyo. Her apartment was filled in garbage. Her belongings in her apartment was precious things for her, but they were just garbage for others. If she hadn’t bought high quality goods, she could have real estate and continue to live in Tokyo, I suppose.

Miracle Morning #106

Today I got up at six.

Last night I practiced yoga at a fitness center for a hour. I’ve got tired and went to bed early. Now I have still muscular pain.

Exercise feels refreshed. I’m going to continue yoga every Friday.

Miracle Morning #105

Today I got up at six.

I know exercise is good for me but I don’t do any exercise recently. I’ve gained weight. My stomach is middle-aged spread.

Then I’ve decided I do yoga every Friday at a fitness center. I’ll continue exercise.

Miracle Morning #104

Today I got up at six. It’s still raining this morning.

The book which a man suffered from dementia was shocking for me. Yesterday I met my mother who had dementia in a nursing home. She told she’d like to go home. She lived alone but her room filled with garbage and her doctor forbade her living alone from now on. Now lease contract was canceled.

The author described people with dementia wanted that others listened to their hope. However we ignore her hope. I’m worrying if she feels happy in the nursing home.