Miracle Morning #102

Today I got up at six. It is raining this morning. My firm belief and prompt action…I don’t have them yet. I always hesitant what to do and I don’t act anything finally. I’d like to help tourists and elderly people. I’m planning to have a business concerned with travel and welfare.

Miracle Morning #101

Today I got up at six in Japan as usual. I’m still sleepy. I enjoyed myself in Sydney. I like traveling. It makes me happy. I’d like to manage a vacation rental in Japan. I like a high-grade hotel but I’d like to have an ordinary life during my trip. I imagine a vacation rental […]

Lovely Sydney

I’m going to leave Sydney tomorrow. First of all, I’d like to appreciate that I could come here again. My first visit in Sydney was my honeymoon. I’d not been interested in Australia before honeymoon. However, I enjoyed Sydney very much when I visited there. After the honeymoon, we often visited at Sydney. I’d like […]