After the festival 

I thought my life was monotonous and dull. So I wished exciting life like festival. Exciting life looks happy and wonderful. However the festival end someday. After the festival I know I felt happiness in monotonous life. 

Now I have nothing. Because I threw away my happy past. 

Tokorozawa Festival

​​We like a festival. Today Tokorozawa festival has took part here. Lots of Japanese and tourists visit here every year.

Would you like to join us?

Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park


​Here is my favorite place.

I recommend the Japanese garden in the park. We can enter into the garden by free and it is not so crowded with tourists. 

I like a Japanese cake and matcha looking at the Japanese garden.

Commonplace Tokorozawa 

​​A small town, Tokorozawa. Here is not my hometown. It is my second one. 

We have Tokorozawa Festival in October every year. It is a big event and lots of people visit here. 

I’ll show you video in this blog:)

Nothing to special

Today is the last holiday but I don’t have any plans.

Now I’m drinking beer in the daytime. Here is located in a department store and we can drink original beer in daytime. I recommend here if you don’t like bitter beer.