The Japanese Government promote Vacation Rental, but…

Vacation Rental is said ‘minpaku’ in Japanese. We usually stay in hotels when we travel. Then we don’t like tourists stay the next house. Even if it is a legal house, the neighbors oppose it. An owner hold a meeting to explain building a vacation rental to neighbors. One of them asked what the owner […]

Common place

Tokorozawa has some high buildings, old shopping arcades, fields and Sayama lake, but doesn’t have the sea. It doesn’t have any famous places to go sightseeing.  It is ordinary place for me. But it makes me relaxed. I like traveling. I don’t like famous boutiques. I prefer local shopping arcades. Ordinary countryside look wonderful place […]

Illegal rest house!?

They say Airbnb is a gainful business now. Real estate agents recommend I should have some flats because they are usuful for rest houses. Many people expect they can supplement their income by managing rest houses. Indeed some employees fall easy victims to unscrupulous businessmen. Many rest houses registered in Airbnb are illegal. It is […]