Miracle Morning #54

Today I got up at six.

My hay fever has been getting better. Probably Chinese medicine is effective.

Yesterday I visited at a nursing home for my mother. It was located in the country and the experience was quite reasonable. She’d like to go home or live with us, but we can’t support her all day. I guess she’d like to live in Tokyo but we don’t have enough money…

Miracle Morning #53

Today I got up at six. Anti-histamine makes me sleepy all day.

My mother has dementia. It means her life will end soon. She can still walk but she must be attended by someone. She will become bedridden sooner or later. I have to think how she can have happy days from now on.

Miracle Morning #52

Today I got up at six. Yesterday I had heavy hay fever and blew my nose all day. Anti-histamine medicine which I took last night is effective. I am still sleepy because of the medicine.

My mother is going to a nursing home the end of this month. I’m anxious she will like it.

Miracle Morning #51

Today I got up at six.

I have hay fever and take medicine. The medicine looses my hay fever soon but doesn’t take effect all day. I’d like to stay at home all day if possible.

My mother wants to leave the hospital as soon as possible. She isn’t allowed she goes out of her sickroom alone. She has to stay at her sickroom all day.

I’m planning we visit our father’s grave with her.

Miracle Morning #50

Today I got up at six thirty. I’m quite sleepy because I’ve got tired yesterday. Yesterday I met my sister. She is a member of poor dad group. She had the habit of saying “I’m busy!”, “I can’t do because I’m too old to do that!”. She is often beginning to irritate me.

I’d not like to excuse myself for my life.

Miracle Morning #49

Today I got up at five thirty. I woke up early because of a stoppage in the nose.

Sales in free markets reached to thirty thousands yen. Property my mother payed hundred thousands yen for them before. I’m not interested in such bland goods at all.

Miracle Morning #48

Today I got up at six. I started to read “rich dad’s guide to investing”, it is still difficult for me but I feel poor bad is the same as my mother. If she had stopped to waste money and bought real property, she had better life. She wasted several million yen for her clothes and jewelry. She can’t take care of herself now and need someone’s support. If we support her at home, we will have to quit our job and we won’t be able to maintain ourselves any more.

Miracle Morning #47

Today I got up at six.

Yesterday I sold two tops of Leonard bland by internet and asked purchase trader to perform assessment of prints.

Money, money, money!

After all we need money for life. We can’t support her without money.

Most of all people waste money and they don’t have their property. They get their own houses, expensive cars and clothes which they believe in property. When they get old, they realize they don’t have any property.

Or, if she doesn’t have a penny, the government will take care of her.

Miracle Morning #46

Today I got up at seven.

I had a hay fever. I started to have medicine yesterday but my eyes itches this morning,

I was thinking about my mother. When I was young, she worked hard for juggling household expenses. I thought she payed for my school expenses. However my sister told her relatives lent her money. She bought lots of expensive clothes and never paid them back.

Now she tells us “never dispose of my clothes and pictures! They are quite expensive!”

Those expensive things are worthless for others.

I had never traveled with my family. I had never gone somewhere with my family when I was a child. I gave up them because my family was poor. When I saw her clothes at her apartment, I felt empty.

Miracle Morning #45

Today I got up at six. Recently I didn’t feel hard I do miracle morning every morning.

I sell my mothers cloths, which are Leonard bland, by internet. I don’t know about Leonard at all but it is quite popular for Japanese. A top costs hundreds of thousands of yen. Incredible! My mother always said “I don’t have enough money to live alone!” But she often bought expensive clothes. I don’t understand her sense of the value of money.