Miracle Morning #135

Today I got up at seven. It is raining this morning.

I’d like to live in a luxury house like a high-class hotel. I’m not sure if is is waste or consumption. Some famous rich people live in small houses. Home is not properly. Then I don’t have to live in a luxury house. Still I’d like to be particular about house.

Miracle Morning #134

Today I got up at six. The rainy season has set in. Sometimes the rain is a great blessing to us. Last night I was drenched with rain but this morning it is the fine weather.

I’m still worrying where I should live the next. Id like to live near a high-class hotel. I can go to a lounge in the hotel every morning. How exciting it is!

Miracle Morning #133

Today I got up at six.

Yesterday I made key holders with a silver tape which I got in a final concert of Namie Amuro. I gave one to my coworker and the other one was up for auction.

The key holder sold for &1998 immediately. I’m not sure if the purchaser was her fan or not.

Miracle Morning #132

Today I got up at six.

I make an hour of miracle morning every morning. I imagine my dream future and feel that my dreams have already come true. In my mind I walk my hometown and touch my belongings. I look at my ideal body in the mirror and go to my dream office. The office is a lounge in a fashionable hotel near my house and I usually work there for a hour every morning. I live in Azabu in Tokyo and the house is my office as well as my house. It is not a stately mansion but enough to live in couples.

Miracle Morning #131

Today I got up at a half past six.

I have a negative paradigm for money. My family was poor when I was a child, and I thought I wouldn’t be able to become rich because I didn’t have any talent nor connections. I imagined I would become an adult like my parents in future. I use my money poorly. Id like to use money for my future.

I’d like to lead a happy life, changing a paradigm for money.

Miracle Morning #130

Today I got up at a half before six.

First I appreciate my my quiet life.

I’m still thinking what business I should begin. I’ve already known it but I don’t make my dreams clear yet. The most important thing in my life is home. I’d like to begin a small business concerning with home. Is it hotel, building owner or nursing home? It might be share house for foreigners.

Miracle Morning #129

Today I got up at six. I’m quite sleepy now.

Yesterday I went to the Tokyo Dome to watch Namie Amuro final tour. It was her final concert and we can’t see her live any more. She is a good singer and dancer. She had been the women’s hero for a long time.

She rounded off her career by her final tour. I hope her happiness after her retirement as her fan.

Miracle Morning #128

Today I got up at seven. I have slept well last night.

I search M & A in medium-sized and small companies by internet now. I haven’t known lots of companies are sold. Most of companies are too expensive for me to buy but it is interesting to search M & A.

Miracle Morning #127

Today I got up at quarter past six.

Many people recommend positive thinking. As you know, I have negative thinking. My negative words are realized. I read my affirmations and look my visualization every morning to realize my dreams, but I deny them in mind. I’d like to work for my happiness, not for living. I’d like to help others, not to be a drag to the society.

Miracle Morning #126

Today I got up at six.

I’m not satisfied with the present condition but I live in the present now. I don’t like great changes. A bright future doesn’t lie before us. Aging society, declining birth rate, depression and budget deficit…we have lots of anxious factors in future. Many people might live over a hundred years old. How many people can live healthy?