Miracle Morning #23

Today I got up at six.

Yesterday I and my sister visited at our mother’s house and picked up garbage in rooms. She lived in a hoarding house. She was originally poor at cleaning up house. Now we have to think about her future.

Miracle Morning #22

Today I got up at six without alarm clock. In a dream I traveled with someone, who was my acquaintance but I don’t remember his feature.

I’d like to support my mother because she can’t live alone. I’d like to give her happy life. It needs money to realize my dream.

Miracle Morning #21

Last night I had a bad cough and went to bed at eight thirty. Today I got up at five thirty. I still have a cough but I’m getting better than yesterday.

As I cleaned up my room, I feel my room is acomfortable. My mother’s rooms were jammed with garbage. Is it because of dementia?

Miracle Morning #20

I didn’t expect myself I could continue miracle Morning for twenty days.

Yesterday I cleaned up my living room. I’ve got satisfied with my house.

I’d like to live with someone. I don’t like to talk to myself all day after my retirement. I’d like to enjoy my life. I’d like to help others.

Miracle Morning #19

I’m not sure I develop the habit of getting up early but I could got up at six without alarm clock this Sunday.

I’m thinking why people with dementia be alienated from society.

They wander around the town. Probably they are going to work though they have already retired.

They are going to go home in their hometown.

Do they have to be segregated from society? Are they really useless for society?

Miracle Morning #18

Today I got up at quarter to six.

I couldn’t sleep well last night. Yesterday I got a phone call from the police and heard my mother went to a hospital by ambulance. She didn’t hurt herself but she called her sister’s name to me when she saw me.

She had . I’ve got shocked and I didn’t have any good ideas about future.

Miracle Morning #17

Today I got up at quarter to six. It is difficult for me to get up early every morning.

I’d like to live in Minato Ward, Tokyo. I’m looking for a good flat by internet.

How is the following picture? It is the penthouse suite.

Miracle Morning #14

This morning I set up my alarm at five thirty but I got up at six as usual. Every morning I image my dreams come true. At the same time I feel it is impossible. Visualization is difficult for me. How can I remove my negative feelings?