Miracle morning #5

It is Sunday morning. Today I got up at six thirty. I am still sleepy.

The early bird catches the worm. Japan has the same proverb.

I’d like to say hello when I get up every morning. I’d like to live in a skyscraper in Minato Ward, Tokyo. I’d like to go on a cruise every year.

When can I realize my dreams?

Miracle Morning #4

Today I got up at five thirty. I could wake up before the alarm!

I can’t believe myself yet. Can I realize my dream? Is it too late?

Miracle Morning #3

Today I got up at 5:30. I felt today would be better than yesterday.

I read a book “outwitting the devil Napoleon Hill”. It is a good book. I appreciate I found it now.

I have to think what I should do to help the others during the miracle morning. I’ll overcome fear in mind.

Miracle Morning #2

I got up at five today!


I’m not sure if I can develop the habit of getting up early.

I’ve started to read “outwitting the devil, Napoleon Hill”. It feels interesting. Have you ever read it?

I wonder if miracle morning is useful for my life.

I’d like to excuse myself for stoping miracle morning but I’ll get up early tomorrow.

Affirmation at the miracle morning

When I wake up, I see my boyfriend sleeping every morning.

We live in a condominium looking Tokyo Tower over the window in Minato Ward, Tokyo, Japan.

To stand on my own legs, I own block of building in the best district, Tokyo.

We travel to Ireland every summer.

Miracle Morning #1

I’ve started miracle morning!

I’ll write down my paper on this blog from now on.

I develop my abdominal muscles.

I go to a fitness club every day.


I respect for entrepreneurs. They start their business though they take a risk of bankruptcy. I’d like to start a business soon. But I don’t know what I should do. Robert Kiyosaki says the most important thing for entrepreneurs is having a mission. I don’t work for money any more. I’d not like to sell my time for money. He says I shouldn’t start a business for money and time.

I’d never thought about a mission. I don’t have any abilities. I’d like to return the favor for tourists. I also help people who live alone. It is heavy to live in solitude. I’d like to support them to enjoy their life. And I’d like to live happily too. I don’t know if these wishes are applicable to missions. My thought is one for E quadrant which they work for money.

I’m not sure if I can find such business with good reason. I recognize it is wishful thinking. Do I get frightened again? Do I stay in E quadrant forever?

How to enjoy the holiday alone?

When I don’t have any plan on Sunday, I usually watch TV in the morning and go to a library, a cafe or a park. I’d like to spend the holiday effectively but I don’t have any good idea. I prefer tight schedule. I don’t like blank schedule. I don’t like to waste time and money.

Last night I had a bad dream. In the dream, when I was going to sit next to a colleague, he tuted at me. I moved to other seat but nobody talked to me. I woke up from the dream, I remembered that he had not like me. As I’m afraid of isolation, I try to pack my schedule tightly. When I was a child, I felt happy in the holiday even if I didn’t have any plans. I was looking forward to have my free time. Now I don’t know what to do with my free time. How do others enjoy the holiday alone?

If I had a large sum of money which I couldn’t used up for life,

What would I like to doi if I had a large sum of money which I couldn’t used up for life?

I lift up a as much aspiration as possible. How many you can I lift up?

  1. I go on a voyage around the world
  2. I live in a tower condominium, in Minato Ward, Tokyo, Japan
  3. I go abroad once in three months every year
  4. I stay in Sydney in the winter and St. Ives in the summer every year
  5. I become a business owner who employs five hundred people
  6. All of my physical checkups are always normal
  7. I have ten buildings and condominiums in Tokyo
  8. I have a billion yen of property.
  9. I own a house in St.Ives, England, flat in London, a house in Taipei, Taiwan and a condominium in Sydney.
  10. I have three hotels in Asakusa and Kyoto, Japan.
  11. I own a share house for foreigners and Japanese in Tokyo for intercultural communication
  12. I stay in HIrton hotel in all over the world every year
  13. I laugh loudly at least once a day
  14. I go to bed at home looking at Tokyo Tower every night
  15. I say to my roommate “good morning” and “I’m home” every day
  16. I cook for my roommate, not for myself
  17. I keep my youth
  18. I develop my muscles by doing exercises
  19. I read a hundred of books every year
  20. I watch fifty of films in cinemas every year
  21. I have my business job opportunity to people and help others
  22. I do my best to have high financial intelligence
  23. I own ten kilograms of gold
  24. I contribute five million yen to the underprivileged every year
  25. I repay for foreign tourists coming to Japan by my business