What is my forte?

Robert Kiyosaki told business owners in B quadrant employ more excellent talent than the owners. The business owners need not knowledge but leadership. Superior technicians obey a first-class leader. We, inhabitants in E or S quadrant, always ask the leader’s advice. We can’t decide by ourselves, especially about money.

I don’t know the reason why we obey the leader blindly. I have no leadership, because I don’t believe in myself. What is my forte?

I stayed in Kawasaki, Kanagawa yesterday. Kawasaki is easily accessible to downtown and I think it is quite comfortable to live in.

Why did they made a fetish of the founder?

The sarin gas attacked in the Tokyo subway system in 1995. Thirteen people were killed and six thousand people were injured.

The devotees made a fetish of the founder and killed common men. Most of all devotees had high school background and high income, but they couldn’t judge by moral standards.

The founder and their devotees were arrested and the mass media reports that the founder will be put to death soon.

However other devotees still profess the founder. We are anxious that a similar case might happen someday, because we know we have weak will and wish a strong leader.

All our efforts are not rewarded

I am a fan of Masaharu Fukuyama. He is a famous musician and actor in Japan.

He is good-looking and he has an unusual ability in music. In past, there were many musicians who have more ability than him. They were more famous than him, but now nobody remember them.

His name has been still well-known in Japan. I don’t know the reason. Probably he has continued striving to become a better musician.

All our efforts are not rewarded, but he did. And he try to do something new. I respect his ability.

Japanese real estate agents often quote Rich Dad when they sell real property

Robert Kiyosaki spoke about Rich Dad in Japan this year. I like his publications and I listened to his lecture.

I felt it was difficult for the poor to understand him, because the poor wished to become the rich easily. The poor don’t like effort. Real estate agents take advantage of their ignorance. The agents advise them to purchase studio apartments, apartment houses or condominium in debt. They believe the agents till they have got up to the ears in debt.

Robert Kiyosaki recommends good debt. However the poor confuse good debt and bad one.

People are mirrors that reflect your image

I’m sometimes irritated by my colleague’s behavior. I like her cheerful nature. She is kind to children and she always has a nice smile. I respect such her nature.

She often tells me that she doesn’t like to succeed in life as the nail that sticks out get hammered down. I think all pharmacists must study hard all our life. Then I don’t understand why she doesn’t check by herself, but asks me questions about medicine.

Today we argued about business. She told she’d worked for some famous hospitals before but she’d never done in such way. I asked her which hospitals she’d worked. She worked there mainly as a trainee and she had scant experience in full-time pharmacist. I’ve got surprised she boasted to me about her career, because I imagined she put a special emphasis on her family in her life.

I sometimes told her about my previous work as a pharmacist in hospitals. Probably I boasted to her about my career. When a person doesn’t have confidence in himself, he boasts of his position, school background or big company.

She is a mirror that reflects my image. I must study hard to become a full-fledged pharmacist. And I’ll follow her strong points.

I don’t have any plans today

I have two holidays but I don’t have any plans.

I like to have a tight schedule during holiday. I don’t like to stay at home all day because I feel alienated from society.

Today I started to read “Why the rich are getting richer”. The author, Robert Kiyosaki is a Japanese-American and it is the reason why I have a close affinity with him. I appreciate reading a good book. And I appreciate seeing red leaves today.

Colored leaves

I like the autumn. I like watch trees aflame with red and yellow leaves.

The four seasons are clearly defined in Japan.

I’d like to show you beautiful colored leaves.



A small fire broke out when I went to Sydney a few years ago. Many onlookers took pictures. I took a video imprudently.  Fortunately anybody had received no hurt at all in the fire.

I’m planning to travel around the world after retirement. I’m sure to realize my dream.