I don’t have any plans today

I have two holidays but I don’t have any plans.

I like to have a tight schedule during holiday. I don’t like to stay at home all day because I feel alienated from society.

Today I started to read “Why the rich are getting richer”. The author, Robert Kiyosaki is a Japanese-American and it is the reason why I have a close affinity with him. I appreciate reading a good book. And I appreciate seeing red leaves today.


A small fire broke out when I went to Sydney a few years ago. Many onlookers took pictures. I took a video imprudently.  Fortunately anybody had received no hurt at all in the fire.

I’m planning to travel around the world after retirement. I’m sure to realize my dream.

I recommend you move in Hakata

When I went to Hakata. they told Hakata was a good place to live because the rent and prices were inexpensive. However it was difficult to make reservation for a room at hotel in the weekend for lack of hotel. I didn’t know hotels were still run short in a local town. 

When you visit in Hakata, you have to make a reservation for a room in advance.