After my retirement 

I’m thinking my life after my retirement. I’m not sure if I should live in expensive Tokyo. 

I have to save money. I have to think Ill move in a country with moderate price. 

Where do l live in future?

Do you think marriage is inconvenient for living?

Marriage means living with a stranger. They are not related by blood.  We say blood is thicker than water. After marriage, they have to ask their partners where they live, which house they buy and they may go home late.  Not all their dreams are same.

They can’t make their decision by themselves. While I married, I felt marriage was so inconvenient and dull. 

However I feel I’d like to marry again.  I’d like to nestle up to my partner. 

Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park


​Here is my favorite place.

I recommend the Japanese garden in the park. We can enter into the garden by free and it is not so crowded with tourists. 

I like a Japanese cake and matcha looking at the Japanese garden.

I like sweets in Asakusa, Japan

I’d sometimes took part in the Asakusa sweets tour. Most of all members in the tour were male and they had a weakness for sweets. I always looked forward to the tour every month.

However, the tour has been finished unexpectedly. I can go to Asakusa alone but I can’t enjoy myself as much as the tour. I’d like to take their lecture about sweets again.

Bacterial Gastroenteritis 

I had a fever of 39.5 degrees the day before yesterday. I took time off from work yesterday.

I went to the doctor and I was diagnosed with bacterial gastroenteritis. 

My temperature has become normal now but I still have diarrhea. Today is my regular holiday.  I’m going to work tomorrow.

Food poisoning? Cold?

The fever passed away but I still wet my pants with stool several times (I’m not sure if it is correct English). I came down with food poisoning or I got a cold in the stomach.

I have to go to work.