The best way to enjoy myself in my spare time

I have six days’ holiday during the bon festival, but I don’t have any special plans yet. Usually I travel abroad during the summer holiday but I couldn’t take a plane ticket. 

Tomorrow I’m going to have broiled meat. It’s a famous restaurant in Kitijoji, Tokyo.

I have to plan for the rest of the holiday. I go to the movies, the zoo, or the museum?

I don’t know the best way to enjoy myself during the summer holiday.

The Japanese Government promote Vacation Rental, but…

Vacation Rental is said ‘minpaku’ in Japanese. We usually stay in hotels when we travel. Then we don’t like tourists stay the next house. Even if it is a legal house, the neighbors oppose it.

An owner hold a meeting to explain building a vacation rental to neighbors.

One of them asked what the owner would do if children made a lot of noise. He replied how the neighber thought that the neighbor’s children often made noise. The neighbor told vacation rental had no advantage for him.

When I heard the blog, I thought japan still had kept national isolation.

I sometimes stayed in B & B, but the neighbors were kind to tourists. When I looked at a map, passengers asked me where I was going.

I agree with legal vacation rental. I feel the neighbor is self-centered. But I’m not sure if I am right or not.

Why can’t I realize my dream?

I have a plan. I have a clear vision which I start the business and it has been paying soon.

But I can’t carry it out for lack of funds. 

I think it is the chance of a lifetime. 

Do I have to give away my last chance?

Do I have any way to get the chance?

I’ll be able to see Robert Kiyosaki!

Wealth master congress japan 3017 is held this October. They say it will be the last visit to Japan for him.

I’m going to take part in the seminar.  I’m looking forward to seeing him!

Common place

Tokorozawa has some high buildings, old shopping arcades, fields and Sayama lake, but doesn’t have the sea. It doesn’t have any famous places to go sightseeing. 

It is ordinary place for me. But it makes me relaxed.

I like traveling. I don’t like famous boutiques. I prefer local shopping arcades. Ordinary countryside look wonderful place for me.

Surely you’ll like Tokorozawa if you visit here.

Why do nobody permit me to avenge on my family?

A young mother and her baby were killed in 1999. The mother was raped after her death. The baby was thrown to a closet. As the criminal was eighteen years old, the juvenile Act didn’t admit his name and were published. 

He was convinced for life imperinment, but her husband appealed against the sentence.

The husband told he desired the criminal to die in front of the mass media.

Some of us sympathized with the survivor, and the others objected against the death penalty.

Indeed, I sympathized with the survivor, but I thought the death penalty was barbarous.

When the judge ruled the criminal the death penalty, the survivor told he wasn’t happy. He avenged on his family but the vengeance didn’t make him happy.

I really hope the survivor will have happy life.

The following picture is the Japanese drama based on this murder case. Yesterday I watched the drama and I recognized I hadnt known about the survivor at all.

The summer holiday

The summer holiday for Japanese salaried workers is usually during the Bon festival. As most of us have holiday in the same time, it is difficult to reserve a fright and room. I don’t have any plans during my summer holiday. 

I’d like to go somewhere…

Illegal rest house!?

They say Airbnb is a gainful business now. Real estate agents recommend I should have some flats because they are usuful for rest houses. Many people expect they can supplement their income by managing rest houses. Indeed some employees fall easy victims to unscrupulous businessmen.

Many rest houses registered in Airbnb are illegal. It is difficult to manage legal one, because of cost and legal restraint. They predict the government can’t expose lots of illegal one. 

I like to stay in B & B. Unfortunately, there aren’t B& B in Japan. I expect many Japanese run B & B in future. ​