Lovely Koala

When I’d like to see koalas, I usually go to Tama Zoo in Tokyo. There is located in the outskirts of Tokyo. 

I’ll go to see them this summer, too.

We have to work until we die, don’t we!?

Japanese pension plans are going to be broken up soon.

We have to work until we die. Even if we become sick, we have to earn our medical bill by ourselves. 

The average life life expectancy is near ninety years olds now. But the poverty is going to repress it.

Do you like to live long lives then?

Would you like to go to Tokyo?

When I was a child, I didn’t see foreigners on streets. 

Now I see lots of foreigners on Tokyo. But…

Do you really enjoy your trip in Tokyo?

I recommend Tokorozawa in Saitama. You can come there in two and a half hours from Narita Airport by bus.

Tokorozawa is a small town and has beautiful park. You can enter in a Japanese garden in the park for free.

If you would like to enjoy different trip from others in Japan….


I believe I’m freedom but indeed I’m  in bonds.

I don’t have enough time to realize my dreams. I often talk to myself “I’m too old to do it” “I don’t have enough holidays to go abroad. I work from morning to night every day, I’m continually complaining I don’t have enough money and slave for money.

I’d like to liberate myself from slavery. 


There are some times when we have to choose enter one way or the other in our life. I think it is true. However especially women always choose the alternative. Women have to give up full time job to parents association meetings. They have to be absent from work when their children get sick. Their coworkers have to work late and complain it is unfair because spinsterhood always have to work harder than them. Woring women always choose work or privacy and sacrifice their life. 

I don’t want to sacrifice my life. I want to enjoy my life. Am I greedy?