Miracle Morning #178

Today I got up at seven. As I had plenty of grilled meat last night, I’m still full. I gained my weight.

It continues over thirty five degrees every day. Japan has extraordinary weather this summer. Many people go to hospital and some of them die of heat injury.

Broiled meat

I went to have broiled meat in Kichijyoji, Tokyo. It was delicious and I’ve been full up.

Miracle Morning #177

Today I got up at six. It is hot and humid. Yesterday the maximum temperature was forty degrees at five place in Japan. I didn’t walk outside in the afternoon.

I’m going to pay off all my debts till August in 2020. I own two flats in Tokyo and rent them. Most of all rent has gone for payment. After repayment the rent becomes my income. I’ll go my best to pay off.

Miracle Morning #176

Today I got up at six. I continue miracle morning for half a year.

I don’t affirm myself now. I doubt if my dreams come true. My suspicion is not effective in miracle morning.

My decision is the following:

I start a small business in October this year.

I find an old house for vacation rental in Minato Ward.

I rent the house to someone and he starts a vacation rental in the house.

He makes a lot of money by vacation rental and I also make a lot of money by rental.

I look for a nursing home in Tokyo and my mother moves there.

Miracle Morning #175

Today I got up at six. Yesterday I had a headache but I’m fine this morning.

I’m looking for a real estate in Tokyo. I’m planning to own a building or house in Tokyo and lend it to someone for vacation rental. It need permission as a cheap lodging house to start vacation rental.

I can have the purpose of my small business. Thanks for miracle morning!

Miracle Morning #174

Today I got up at six. I was wondering if I could make papers for the one-on-one instruction for the pharmacy. As my staff helped me yesterday, I don’t have to go to work on Sunday. I appreciate them so much.

I have to set a time for starting my small business the next.

Miracle Morning #173

Today I got up at six.

Now I doubt my affirmation. I’d like to live with my boyfriend in Minato Ward. I have a small business and own my real estate in Tokyo.

However I’m not sure if I’d like to live with someone. Living alone is quite comfortable. I don’t have to ask someone else when I do something new. I can have dinner whenever I like. On the other hand, I feel lonely. Nobody cares if I don’t go home all night. I don’t like to die lonely in future.

I swerve from my purpose now.