I’m lived off the backs of my time…

I have six days’ holiday because of the Bon Festival now.

But the long spell of rainy weather took away my curiosity to travel. Today I go to a public library and look at the rain. It is hard for me to kill time. I can’t wait no longer during holiday. At the same time I don’t have enough money to waste now.

I often confuse waste and self-investment. I like making an eating tour. But luxurious foods make me get fat. After I dissipate, I usually despise myself.

I’d like to have more personal relationships. I know I’m lacking in a give-and-take principle. But I don’t want to excuse myself for idling.  What is a first step in my new life

A street performer in Yokohama 

Yesterday we saw a street performer. He was an Englishman and good at speaking Japanese.

He was a smooth-talker and lots of people watched his performance to the last. He told he preferred paper money to small coin if we liked his performance. 

Many people gave him paper money. I recommend you see his performance when you visit in Japan!

We acknowledge a prosperous business

The self-employed is difficult to do well for years. A friend of mine deals in Chinese medicine and he often visits a Chinese shrine. Yesterday we visit Kantei byo Shrine and he acknowledged his prosperous business. 

I also prayed for my business there. I expect I’ll visit there to acknowledge my business the next year.

Was suicide a good way for revenge on his wife?

A Japanese personality is driven into a corner now. Her husband had committed suicide before. His brother charged the personality had an affair with the other actor and it drove him to suicide. The husband couldn’t have children and the wife wanted to become pregnant with the other man.

The husband left his suicide note and his brother went public with the note. The wife broke up with the actor after his suicide and now she goes out with other boyfriend now. 

His suicide note has drawn blame on her and the actor. 

I guess the husband wanted to revenge himself on his wife. 

I don’t agree with suicide. I consider he made them broke up by his suicide.

I’m apprehensive the people expect suicide is the good way to revenge themselves on someone. 

The best way to enjoy myself in my spare time

I have six days’ holiday during the bon festival, but I don’t have any special plans yet. Usually I travel abroad during the summer holiday but I couldn’t take a plane ticket. 

Tomorrow I’m going to have broiled meat. It’s a famous restaurant in Kitijoji, Tokyo.

I have to plan for the rest of the holiday. I go to the movies, the zoo, or the museum?

I don’t know the best way to enjoy myself during the summer holiday.