I believe I’m freedom but indeed I’m  in bonds.

I don’t have enough time to realize my dreams. I often talk to myself “I’m too old to do it” “I don’t have enough holidays to go abroad. I work from morning to night every day, I’m continually complaining I don’t have enough money and slave for money.

I’d like to liberate myself from slavery. 


There are some times when we have to choose enter one way or the other in our life. I think it is true. However especially women always choose the alternative. Women have to give up full time job to parents association meetings. They have to be absent from work when their children get sick. Their coworkers have to work late and complain it is unfair because spinsterhood always have to work harder than them. Woring women always choose work or privacy and sacrifice their life. 

I don’t want to sacrifice my life. I want to enjoy my life. Am I greedy?

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

I read a book “rich dad, poor dad” again recently. 

I have read it about fifteen years ago but I thought it was useless for me, because I was not interested in entrepreneur if not real estate. It was the best seller in Japan and most of us wanted to know how Robert Kiyosaki became rich from it in those days.

Now I am still poor and can’t get rid of rat race yet. Most of Japanese put their school background first and try to enter their children in more famous school. Old customs die hard. Can I change old customs and get rid of rat race?

Ability and Efforts

Yesterday I went to a concert of Tatsuro Yamashita. He has a genius for music but he doesn’t like to sing in big concert halls.  He told he’d like to work with his expectations realistic. He is a first-class musician. I think he wastes his talent. But it is his belief.
I’d like to succeed as a pharmacist. But now I recognize it is impossible. I can’t even become a second-class one. I’m lacking in a capacity for communication, memory analysis and conclusion.

They say my efforts will be rewarded in the long run, is it right?
Should I content with a third-class one as little people?

Pasta with fermented soybeans

Fermented soybeans, which we call natto in Japanese, are healthy and useful food in Japan. People living in some area in Japan don’t like it. As my parents were born in the area, I hadn’t had natto at home. When I had natto at the first time at a hotel, I couldn’t adapt myself to the stringy food. Now natto is one of my dislike food.

I sometimes cook pasta with natto. I give soy a bit source to the pasta. It changes unexpected nice pasta. 

Would you like to try it?

Loser? Winner?

Most of us are losers. We wish we are talented and have a rich life. However we notice soon that we are commonplace and never become winners.

We argue against winners that not all winners are happy. At the same time, we know we give up our dreams because we are short of money and in the course we forget what we want. 

I’m between marriages, no kids and don’t have enough money. I’m a loser in life, probably. 

I have forgotten what I wanted.