Asakusa in Tokyo, japan


Yesterday I visited at Asakusa in Tokyo, Japan. The streets were congested with lots of tourists because of three holidays in a row.

Asakusa is famous for sweets too and I took part in a sweets tour yesterday. I enjoyed with the tour, but I had to put up with hay fever all day.

Today I hesitate if I go out. I like the spring but have to stand hay fever.

On the verge of falling?

Flowers and blooms bloom a short time. We’d like to live a long time, but many elderly people are bedridden now. I’d like to drop dead. But I don’t want to repent on my deathbed. 

I always have a smile on my face and gentle with people around me, this is my ideal future.

The following picture is my hometown. There stood old apartments in my childhood. The area has completely changed.

A marked increase in the value of real property in Tokyo

Recently a marked increase in the value of real property in Tokyo has been reported and many Japanese have started to invest lots of money in real property at estate agent’s insistence.

Increased real property will slip some day. But most of Japanese believe many people will live in Tokyo continuously. We can’t prophesy the future. I am anxious  about property value in my own flats. How will their  become in future?

Apple Pie

Today I cooked apple pie. It was easy and more delicious than expected.

I’d like to entertain someone with dishes I cook.

People who say bad things about others behind their backs

Last week I had to listen to complaints. I heard the both of opinions but I felt both of them were right and wrong. They claim their own justice but I didn’t understand what they want me. I suggest them they should discuss more but they denied it.

Listening to complaints are dull and useless. It reflects on myself.

Rice with Japanese Radish

Above picture is rice with Japanese radish. It is seasoned with soy sauce and garlic.

I often do cooking with radish as radish is easy of digestion and low calories. 

It’s delicious. Would you try it?

About my father

My father passed away fifteen years ago. He looked at peace on the deathbed and I felt he had happy life. He had dementia and looked he was having a pretty hard time for years. 

At the night when he died, I couldn’t get to sleep. I felt he implore me I put his his Buddhist altar in my flat. As I prefer European style, I displayed his pictures instead of it. These pictures were one when he was young.As  I was born when he was fifty years old, he looked like my grandfather. 

He in the pictures was not handsome but looked full of hope in his life.

I like the pictures. But my mother told they didn’t seem himself and gave them up to me.

The Doll’s Festival

In Japan, there is the Doll’s Festival on the third of March every year.

They display the dolls at home and celebrate their girls’ heath and happiness. 

I don’t have any children but I like the doll’s festival. The dolls remind me of my childhood.

Today is a calm and warm Sunday. It is good of a walk.

Do I have to keep my youth?

I don’t like my lines on my face. My lines have been increasing and my cheeks have been sinking year after year. 

I don’t like to look at myself in a mirror. Myself in the mirror is not the same as my imagination. If I can’t see myself, I might not recognize my real age.

I don’t think my face with lines are beautiful at all. However, do I have to keep my youth? Do I have to hide my age? 

Youth is highly thought of others. Old people are not productive, worthless and burdens on others… such negative images frighten my aging.

I’d like to become a calm and mild person. I’d like to help someone else. “My experience of life changed me wonderful”, I’d like to think so at the end of life.