Box Lunch

When I was a child, my mother cooked a box lunch for me everyday. My mother was not good at cookie and I didn’t like it. Sometimes I complained of it. At the same time, I appreciated her to myself. 

Now I am considering if I have to cook my box lunch but it is hard for me that I get up earlier, cook it and go to work at a quarter past seven… 

When I remember that my mother got up early to cook my box lunch for years, I regret why I didn’t say to her “thank you”, instead of complaint.

After my retirement

I had put my job before my life and I had persuaded myself it was natural.
However, with the retirement near at hand, I recognized I didn’t have any good friends to guide me. I am not a person of wide interests, but I like traveling and I am planing to travel all over the world after my retirement.

If I have a voyage around the world, I have to pay a large amount of money for it and it is all but impossible. Gold will not buy everything, but I can’t realize my dreams without money.

When I was young, women had two choice in life, gaining experience or housewife. As I didn’t like to depend on my husband, I continue to work after marriage. I could support myself after my divorce.

I don’t like housework but I feel empty to cook for myself. I’d like to share the joy with someone. When I stay at home on holiday, I don’t speak to anyone all day.

I’m going to become fifty six years old soon. The company hires me after sixty years old but I can’t work hard any more. From now on I’m going to have a wide circle of friends to enjoy my second life. I’d like to travel with saving money.

I’d like to have a sideline if I can.