Miracle Morning #141

Today I got up at six. I’m a little sleepy.

If I had plenty of money, I’d like to own a building in Minato Ward, Tokyo and live in the top floor. Every morning I’d visit at a lounge in a hotel near the building and stay there for a hour before work. I’d like to manage a small hotel in AsKusa for foreign tourists and visit there twice a week. I’d like to own three buildings in Tokyo and I’d not had to worry about money because my property serve me money every month. I work for society, not for living.

Miracle Morning #140

Today I got up at six. Last night I made pierced earrings with star and a ring with Swarovski. They are junk but I like them. Buy cheap goods and you throw money away…it is me.

Miracle Morning #139

Today I got up at six.

Yesterday I went to the nursing home to see my mother. She had dementia and she didn’t understand some staff came in her room unexpectedly. She looked fine. She walked by herself in the nursing home. When she was in the hospital, nurses helped she went to a bathroom. Now she could go to a bathroom by herself. The problem is great expense.

Miracle Morning #138

Today I got up at seven. I read a book about administrations of a business. It is quite interesting. The management has big projects for expansion of business but first of all they need funds. They might discontinue the project for lack of funds even if the project is good. Do I chase after rainbows?

Miracle Morning #137

Today I got up at six.

Last night my key holder with silver tape was up for auction but nobody was interested in it. Others have already been up for auction in low price. It is competitive principle in business.

Miracle Morning#136

Today I got up at six. It is still raining.

Yesterday I wrote a report on a seminar about accounting. The seminar was hold for five hours but it was difficult for me. I can’t the monthly final result. The speaker told we have to understand it when we start a business. I learned balance sheet and profit and loss statement. They are complicated but quite interesting. I have to think how I avoid lead my firm to bankruptcy after I start a business.

Miracle Morning #135

Today I got up at seven. It is raining this morning.

I’d like to live in a luxury house like a high-class hotel. I’m not sure if is is waste or consumption. Some famous rich people live in small houses. Home is not properly. Then I don’t have to live in a luxury house. Still I’d like to be particular about house.

Miracle Morning #134

Today I got up at six. The rainy season has set in. Sometimes the rain is a great blessing to us. Last night I was drenched with rain but this morning it is the fine weather.

I’m still worrying where I should live the next. Id like to live near a high-class hotel. I can go to a lounge in the hotel every morning. How exciting it is!

Miracle Morning #133

Today I got up at six.

Yesterday I made key holders with a silver tape which I got in a final concert of Namie Amuro. I gave one to my coworker and the other one was up for auction.

The key holder sold for &1998 immediately. I’m not sure if the purchaser was her fan or not.

Miracle Morning #132

Today I got up at six.

I make an hour of miracle morning every morning. I imagine my dream future and feel that my dreams have already come true. In my mind I walk my hometown and touch my belongings. I look at my ideal body in the mirror and go to my dream office. The office is a lounge in a fashionable hotel near my house and I usually work there for a hour every morning. I live in Azabu in Tokyo and the house is my office as well as my house. It is not a stately mansion but enough to live in couples.