Miracle Morning #128

Today I got up at seven. I have slept well last night.

I search M & A in medium-sized and small companies by internet now. I haven’t known lots of companies are sold. Most of companies are too expensive for me to buy but it is interesting to search M & A.

Miracle Morning #127

Today I got up at quarter past six.

Many people recommend positive thinking. As you know, I have negative thinking. My negative words are realized. I read my affirmations and look my visualization every morning to realize my dreams, but I deny them in mind. I’d like to work for my happiness, not for living. I’d like to help others, not to be a drag to the society.

Miracle Morning #126

Today I got up at six.

I’m not satisfied with the present condition but I live in the present now. I don’t like great changes. A bright future doesn’t lie before us. Aging society, declining birth rate, depression and budget deficit…we have lots of anxious factors in future. Many people might live over a hundred years old. How many people can live healthy?

Miracle Morning #125

Today I got up at six at home. I went home last night. The luxury hotel was quite comfortable for me. I’d like to stay at hotel if I can but too expensive for me. I can ill afford to exhaust money. I have to save money to own estate property in Tokyo. I’d like to succeed a small business at first.

Miracle Morning #124

Today I got up at six in Sheraton City Hotel Tokyo. I’d like to stay in such a luxury hotel every month! It is more reasonable than owning expensive condominium in debt.

Miracle Morning #123

Today I got up at six.

I’d like to enjoy myself in my old age. But I am not well prepared for my old age at all, if l can’t work for illness, I’ll not be able to lead a happy life. I have to change my life as soon as possible but I can’t act anything. Because I don’t like to have take a risk of changing my life. I always wish to live in a bigger house and earn enough money to lead a happy life in my old age. But I don’t like to take a risk of losing money. What would I really like to do?

Miracle Morning #122

Today I got up at six.

Yesterday I went to Tokyo Dome for a concert. A singer was Fukuyama Masaharu, who was a famous singer and actor in Japan. His songs were powerful and I was overpowered with his stage. I became a fan of him recently. I didn’t know he was good at songs and he was open/hearted and kind to his fan. I’m going to his concert again.

Miracle Morning #121

Today I got up at quarter before six.

Yesterday I made mistakes in my job and felt depressed now. I shouldn’t be trifled with my mistakes. I have to work for patients more.

Miracle Morning #120

Today I got up at six.

I’m an employee now. I’d like to become an employer. But I’m not sure if I’d like to become a self-employed business owner or a business owner yet. Probably I belong in a self-employed business owner. Indeed I’d not like to ask a licensed tax accountant for a final income tax return.

Never retirement! I’d like to encourage elder people to start a business.

Miracle Morning #119

Today I got up at six. I’m quite sleepy this morning.

Last night I went to watch the cinema “the square”. It was a unique story. A rich man was humanitarian and kind to beggars. He greeted beggars and gave them food. One day he had his pocket picked and counterattacked the pickpocket to get his wallet and cellular phone back. After all he lost his reputation and the poverty blamed him badly.

The rich fears the poverty that the poverty might attack the rich. Then the rich avoids mixed up with the poverty, or others will be fairly caught in the trap like him.