Lovely the opera house in Sydney!

This is the video which I visited in Sydney, Australia six years ago. I always went to watch an opera in the opera house whenever I visited in Sydney. But I don’t go there for years because I don’t have enough time to take my holiday.

I’d like to go there within a year. I don’t want to make any excuses again.

Grilled offal

Yesterday I went to a famous restaurant, named “yacchan”. The chef was quite a unique person. He didn’t like the restaurant was triving. He told if we took our friend into the restaurant and the friend took his five friends into it, we wouldn’t be able to book a table for us next time. 

We can’t take photos in the restaurant. If we take it,  we are forbidden to visit the restaurant again. 

All cooking were delicious and inexpensive. We book a table for four in November to see the chef again.

Let’s go to Fukuoka!

I’m going to Fukuoka in Japan on business this month. Fukuoka is the first visit for me and I’m looking forward going there. I’m going to stay in a flat which I booked in Airbnb.

Unfortunately I don’t have time to go sightseeing but I’d like to go to the bayside place hakata, the kushida shrine and the Fukuoka Asian art museum if I have time.


Sightseeing spot in Fukuoka


Waste? Investment ?

I always feel I need more money. I know I have to cut down my payment but I can’t. I can’t understand if my payment is waste or investment. I often eat out to reduce stress. I am very partial to sweets. I like to have a piece of cake, parfait and Japanese cake. My eating habit gets fat on my body. Such eating habit influent had a bad influence on me.

People say I should reduce waste and increase investment. But I don’t know what self-investment is.    

I have started on a diet. I’m not sure if I can stand hungry.

Street Performance in Dublin

The above video is one which I took when I went to Dublin in Ireland four years ago.  I like to watch such street performance in foreign countries. I had watched it on the street in London over a a hour before.  The performer found me and asked where I was from. I just killed time before the departure of the bus. The performer was a smooth talker and I enjoyed his performance and talking the last night in London.

I’d like to find good street performance in Japan. 

I’d like to spend money without taking care of my bank balance!

I always think about money.

If I’d had enough money…  I often take care of my bank balance when I make my plan for holiday. I’d like to go abroad! I’d like to go to the famous Italian restaurant! But I don’t have enough money:(

I try to work harder to get money. I sacrifce my life for my fragile happiness. I’m looking for moneymaking to become a lavish spender.

I need money. But I don’t like to sacrifice my life for money.

Commonplace Tokorozawa 

​​A small town, Tokorozawa. Here is not my hometown. It is my second one. 

We have Tokorozawa Festival in October every year. It is a big event and lots of people visit here. 

I’ll show you video in this blog:)

If I can use SNS perfectly…

LINE@?  Facebook live?

I don’t know how to use them yet. A famous consultant tells they are effective in business. 

Naomi Watanabe, who is a Japanese comedian, has huge member of followers in the world using Instagram now. SNS doesn’t need the age limit. I’ll work hard to use SNS more.

People who put the blame on the others

When we have something bad beyond our expectations, some of us try to put the blame on the others. 

It might be true, but the people are small to say bad things about the others, I think. 

Every man’s neighbour is his looking-glass.