My favorite Japanese style hotel

Today I visited at a lounge in Hotel Gajoen Tokyo. It was my first visit but I like the hotel very much. If I were a tourist, I’m sure I’d recommend such a Japanese style hotel.

The following pictures are the rest room in the hotel. You can use the rest room if you aren’t a guest.

Hotel Gajoen Tokyo: 1-8-1, Shimomeguro, Meguro Ward, Tokyo, Japan

Miracle Morning #88

Today I got up at six.

I started to read a book about the institution of LLC. First of all. I have to think about memorandums. I’d like to be active in business in life.

I’d like to have the great loves of my life after I get old.

Miracle Morning #87

Today I got up at six.

I started to read a book about vacation rentals. The author is a young girl who runs lots of vacation rentals and a go-better. She does research on vacation rentals in the area where she runs to win. On the other hand, I put business under agents. Her business has been paying. In my business, the agents earn money. She has a lot of guts. She is a responsible woman.

Miracle Morning #86

Today I got up at six.

Now I run a vacation rental in Fukuoka but I have to withdraw from it soon. I’m worrying if I should run a vacation rental legally.

My vacation rental hasn’t been paying because I have to pay for agents. I put business under the subcontractors’ charge. I just check my bank book everyday. It is not a business. I only fall easy victim to agents. It is expensive fees for me.

Miracle Morning #85

Today I got up at half past six.

I’m going to Sydney the next month. It is the traveling abroad after a year and half of separation. But I’m not excited. I feel I can’t be bothered to go abroad alone.

Yesterday I and my sister went to the facility where my mother stayed but we couldn’t see her. The staff ask us not to see her because our visit upset her. She wants to go home. But she doesn’t have home now. The facility is her home. We might be the devil for her.

Miracle Morning #84

Today I got up at half past six. It is raining in the morning.

I check about corporations. I’d like to establish a corporation but i feel it is too complicated. It is easy I give up on it as usual. But I’d like to try it.

Miracle Morning #83

Today I got up at six. Recently I wake up at midnight to go to the toilet. I feel I’ve got old.

I read a book about tax. It is too difficult to understand. I guess the tax office makes tax completed to reduce final income tax return. I’d like to become a wise citizen.

Miracle Morning #82

Today I got up at quarter past six.

Yesterday I attended a program about dementia for pharmacists. The speaker was the director of a hospital and he spoke the way of reaction to patients’ family. He told it was difficult for the family to accept dementia. The patients got angry and the family implored doctors to prescribe antipsychotics. Antipsychotics are out of the application range of insurance. Pharmacists know its side effects. But we can’t ask doctors anything. The speaker declared we had to ask doctors the reason why they prescribed antipsychotics.

I don’t like my mother to take antipsychotics. However,if I took care of her at home, I would ask a doctor to prescribe it.

Miracle Morning #81

Today I got up at seven. It’s rainy Sunday morning.

I have to put ideas into action soon. But I am not a person of action. I am always hesitatingly before taking action and finally I act nothing.

Let’s start a small business at first! I don’t have enough money, I understand it. I never excuse myself any more.

Miracle Morning #80

Today I got up at six.

I’d like to share the effect on miracle morning. I’m not sure if it is effective on my life. I have got to reading books. I write this blog as every morning. I still doubt if my dreams will come true. Do I have to believe myself more?