Miracle Morning #79

Today I got up at quarter past six.

I started a book about final income tax return. It is difficult for me to understand tax. I commissioned a licensed tax accountant to make the final income tax return this year. However I shouldn’t leave it to others as usual. I’d like to have a wise secession as a rich woman.

Miracle Morning #78

Today I got up at six. In my affirmation, I wish I always keep my senses but now I have lost my senses and heightened my anger with trivial happenings. I often blame others. However I know i have responsibilities. I don’t like to accept the responsibility. I blame others and regret it later.

I have to think about the best solution.

Miracle Morning #77

Today I got up at seven. I had a nightmare last night. But I don’t remember it.

I’d like to move to Tokyo this year. I’d like to own a home-cum-office in Chuo-Ward, Tokyo. I’d like to advise others good vacation rental as business. I’d like to manage vacation rental in Tokyo. As it needs much money and time, I prefer advising to managing it. I’d like to start a small business first.

Miracle Morning #76

Today I got up at six.

I know now is is the time to take action to realize my dreams. But I haven’t done anything. I’m all talk and no action.

“I don’t have enough time!” “I don’t have enough money!” ” it is too old to take action!”

I always excuse myself during miracle morning. A signal for starting a business is my mother’s happiness. She wishes to dye her white hair. She wishes her makeup. She could do by herself until recently. Now she can’t do anything. She even hasn’t been allowed to stay in a private room. We’d like her to move to a home for the aged from a geriatric health services facility because she can stay in a private room. However the facility doesn’t allow she moves soon. She appeals to leave there as soon as possible. But the facility doesn’t listen to her.

She is my future. The government expects the aged’s family take care of them. But the family have to quit their job. I don’t think unemployed family can support the aged.

Miracle Morning #75

Today I got up at six. Last night I went to bed at ten. I slept well.

Yesterday I went to see a building for investment. It was conveniently located next to a subway station and relatively fine for a 20-year-old building. I could live in the top of floor as home and my office. I’d like to own the building. How can I get hundreds million yen?

Miracle Morning #74

Today I got up st quarter before eight. First I woke up before six but I slept again.

Today I’m going to see a building for investment. It is unsold property and I don’t have enough money to purchase yet. I’d like to start a business and my company wii buy the building in future.

Miracle Morning #73

Today I got up at six. In a dream, I asked someone how my mother was. I was anxious if she still felt abandoned by her daughters. She’d like to return her flat. She lived alone and had been hoarding tons of garbage all over her flat. We have already vacated her flat but she hasn’t known it. We will have to pay much money for restoration soon. But she doesn’t think she needs to pay for it. She hadn’t understood money before she had dementia. She liked to waste money but she didn’t understand she had to pay money back. I have to learn money for my mother.

Miracle Morning #72

Today I got up at quarter past six. I’m still sleepy.

What would I do if I had economical freedom? I’d plan to go on a voyage around the world. I’d move to Tokyo and go to a high-class hotel to have lunch everyday. I’d find a nursing home in Tokyo for my mother.

If I had enough money, I had lots of dreams to realize. What would I like to do the most?

Miracle Morning #71

Today I got up at six.

Today I go to work to earn the cost of living.

My mother is my future after thirty years. It might be my future after twenty years. She had dementia now. She can’t walk now. Two months ago, she lived by herself. She went into hospital and now she moved to the facility. As she has risk of falling to the ground, she moves by wheelchair. She isn’t allowed to walk now. She always complains about something. She condemns her daughters as she hadn’t like to enter in the facility.

I understand my mother feels lonely. If I were my mother, I would feel lonely too. But we can’t take care of her all day long. We have to work to earn the cost of living for ourselves and her.

I don’t have any children. I have to save money against my future.

Miracle Morning #70

Today I got up at six. I haven’t imagined I could continue miracle morning for seventy days. I’m sleepy and I’d like to go to bed longer. But I always get up at six and have time for miracle morning every day.

I’m thinking about my future every morning. I’m pushed for time. I don’t have enough time to go abroad now. When I retire, I’d like to go on a voyage around the world. But what’s the next? Nobody cares when I get up and where I go. Nobody depends on me.

I can’t put up with such monotonous work daily life.