Miracle Morning #118

Today I got up at six. I’m still sleepy.

Last night I went to have broiled meat. It was a famous restaurant in Kichijyoji and we have to wait until the next year to make a reservation.

The meat was delicious and I was satisfied with the testy very much.

I’d like to go to the restaurant again.

Miracle Morning #117

Today I got up at a quarter past six.

I’m thinking about myself after five years. Where would I like to live? What would I like to do in holiday?

We always say;

I wish I had 30 hours in a day.

I wish I had a million dollar.

But, what would I like to do?

Do I wish to quit my job and retire? Of course not!

I’d like to continue working and contribute to society. I’m not sure which business I can contribute to society.

Miracle Morning #116

Today I got up at six.

I continue miracle morning for four months. I’m not sure if it has changed my life yet. First l was going to get up at five o’clock but it didn’t last long. The effect on miracle morning is that l have time for reading. I read five books for a month after miracle morning. I expect it helps for starting a business.

Miracle Morning #115

Today I got up at six.

Yesterday I attended at a seminar about business management. A speaker was a certified public accountant and he earned a hundred million yen for a year. He told many company executives didn’t understand according and went bankrupt soon. They put their accounting under licensed tax accountants and never looked the accounting. I also put my final income tax return under a licensed tax accountant. I have to learn accounting to start business.

Miracle Morning #114

Today I got up at a half past six in Minato Ward, Tokyo. I stay in Mitsui Garden Hotel Siodome Italian Street. It is a good hotel and I’d like to live in such a comfortable room.

Last night I took part in a party for landlords in a tower condominium. I long to live in a penthouse but my friend told a house was better than condominium when I own property in Tokyo, because tower condominiums would become slum in future.

I yearn to own a building in Minato Ward, Tokyo.

Miracle Morning #113

Today I got up at six. I couldn’t sleep well because of hot and humid last night.

I’m going to a party for landlords tonight. I have two of studio apartments in Tokyo but I don’t turn a profit on the apartments at all. Further more, I’m going to withdraw from vacation rental. My household experiences getsinto the red now. Am I suited to business? I’m too old to start business. But I’d like to try.

Miracle Morning #112

Today I got up at a half past six. It is hot and humid this morning.

I’d like to move to Tokyo. I’d like to have a home office in Minato Ward, Tokyo. But I don’t know what to do.

Miracle Morning #111

Today I got up at six. Yesterday I had a physical checkup. I took barium for stomach X-ray. After the checkup, I had stomachache and diarrhea and stayed at home all day.

This morning my stomachache has passed away. I’d like to have delicious lunch today.

Miracle Morning #110

Today I got up at six. This morning I’m going to have a medical checkup.

I don’t like to have my stomach X-rayed. I have to take barium before X-rayed. I don’t like to have my uterus checkup neither. I’m going to have delicious lunch after the checkup.

Miracle Morning #109

Today I got up at six.

I read a book about inheritance tax now. I knew inheritance tax has been raised in Japan recently but I felt it had nothing to do with me.

After my mother had dementia, I realized we hadn’t known about her financials at all. We checked her cards and she didn’t have any debt but I’m still anxious if she was in debt. She had personal bankruptcy and didn’t pay the debt before, then she thinks she doesn’t have to pay the debt. She knows nothing about the world because her parents were overprotective.