What I’d like to achieve this year

I’m not good at planing anything, because I don’t expect myself. I’d like to realize my dreams. First of all, I have to embody my dreams. I’d like to live happy. I’d like to have many good friends and help them. I need money. Money is one of the necessities of life. However I don’tContinue reading “What I’d like to achieve this year”

What is my forte?

Robert Kiyosaki told business owners in B quadrant employ more excellent talent than the owners. The business owners need not knowledge but leadership. Superior technicians obey a first-class leader. We, inhabitants in E or S quadrant, always ask the leader’s advice. We can’t decide by ourselves, especially about money. I don’t know the reason whyContinue reading “What is my forte?”

Japanese real estate agents often quote Rich Dad when they sell real property

Robert Kiyosaki spoke about Rich Dad in Japan this year. I like his publications and I listened to his lecture. I felt it was difficult for the poor to understand him, because the poor wished to become the rich easily. The poor don’t like effort. Real estate agents take advantage of their ignorance. The agentsContinue reading “Japanese real estate agents often quote Rich Dad when they sell real property”